How To Prevent Root Decay With Fluoride - Dr. Brian Zuerlein Cosmetic Dentist OmahaDid you know that most people over the age of fifty have root decay, a condition which is associated with receding gums? This actually is a result of not having access to fluoride or preventative dental care in your their youth. Today, however, this is no longer the case, yet we still see a large number of younger adult patients with root cavities.

Regardless of age, any recession of the gums away from the teeth exposes the root to cavity-causing bacteria. The surface that covers your roots, called cementum, is softer than enamel and more easily penetrated and damaged if exposed to bacteria.

One dental researcher said that once you get a cavity on the root surface, it’s essentially the beginning of the end for that tooth. All adults are susceptible to root decay, it is absolutely imperative to understand that fluoride is NOT just for children. Fluoride helps control gum disease, gum recession and decreases tooth sensitivity. It can also prevent and sometimes even reverse cavities.

Whether you are experiencing root cavities or wish to prevent them, Dr. Zuerlein would be happy to recommend fluoride options, which include products you can use at home.


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