cosmetic dentistry omaha nebraska dr. brian zuerlein veneersAn improved quality of life brings each of us a greater sense of self-confidence and increases your overall happiness. Nothing shows the world around you how confident and happy you are, like a beautiful and healthy smile!

Here are the most common smile flaws we are asked about. Good news is, most of these flaws are fairly easy to correct and only require one or two visits.

Common Smile Flaws

Chipped or Cracked Teeth :: Composite material is bonded to the enamel so no one will ever notice the original chip or crack.

Discolored Teeth :: Supervised professional whitening can literally brighten your smile. Bonding and veneers can camouflage and whiten your teeth as well.

Gaps In Your Teeth :: Bonding or porcelain veneers can reduce unwanted spaces without the need of braces or Invisalign.

Crooked, Crowded or Protruding Teeth :: Orthodontics can bring the back in line, in relatively no time.

Worn-Down Teeth and Aging Restoration :: Natural-looking onlays and inlays, crowns, bonding and veneers can whiten, re-counter, strengthen and restore the symmetry to your smile.

Enhancing of fixing your smile will help you become achieve not only self-confidence, but life happiness and fulfillment. What wait? Contact us today to being your healthy smile journey!


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