Post Op Instructions Dentures and Partial Dentures

After completion of your denture or partial it will be inserted by your dentist. Adjustments will be made to the borders to reduce pressure and make it comfortable and the bite will be checked to make sure that you are closing correctly.

The impression of your mouth is made in a static or non functioning position so that when you chew and talk problems may arise that could not be foreseen and for that reason you will be scheduled for a follow up appointment within one week.

If your denture was an immediate denture, placed immediately after your remaining teeth or some of your teeth were extracted, please do not remove the appliance for 24 hours. It helps to stop the bleeding.

As with the other removable appliances, call the office if you have any irritations or cannot function properly. Remember that you now have a large foreign object in your mouth and no matter how well it fits you must give yourself time to adjust to its presence.

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