Why Water Is Important For Your Health and Teeth

Water is the foundation of your health, as it comprises 50 – 70% of your physical composition. You may wonder why adequate hydration is important if your body already contains so much water.

Why do you need to “refill” your body with water everyday?

Isn’t there already enough water in your body to keep you healthy, without having to add more?

Water is paramount for many functions within the body, from eliminating waste to maintaining a healthy internal temperature. Without adequate water supply, your body would not have enough fluids to carry out its vital functions. Since you lose water everyday through normal activities, such as sweating, using the bathroom, etc. you must replenish your fluids by drinking more water.

Why Drink Water?

It is important to hydrate your body with the cleanest, healthiest water available. Remember, not all beverages can hydrate like water can. For instance, alcohol, caffeinated, and sugary drinks do not prevent dehydration, and unfortunately they can sometimes intensify dehydration symptoms. Water, on the other hand, will replace lost fluids and help keep your body at peak performance. Not to mention what sugary drinks can do to your teeth!

Drinks with high amounts of sugar content can cause cavities and damage your teeth. This is why Dr. B’s drink of choice is straight-up H2O!


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