The Frequency of Teeth Cleanings

Your teeth should be cleaned as often as your hygienist or dentist recommends it for your particular dental needs, the health of your gums and teeth.

The frequency is determined on the severity of your gum health and how effective you are at home care. Essentially, the more you take care of your teeth at home, the less likely you are to need more than 2 routine dental hygiene cleanings per year.

Dental insurance plans only pay for two cleanings a year, but we urge you to not let your dental insurance dictate how many cleanings you should have. What they are willing to pay for has nothing to do with the frequency that our office determines for your individual dental needs.

At Brian Zuerlein Dental, we are more than happy to help you determine the best course of treatment on a case-by-case basis, as well as work with you on any dental insurance issues that might arise.

Our goal is to help you keep your teeth healthy for a life-time, it is proven that your overall health is affected by gum disease.

Help us, help you achieve your best and healthiest smile!


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